My dear friend

Recently there was my Besty’s birthday. My dear Ann became a little bit older and she is so beautiful, confident and amazing! I even didn’t have any present for her though. I hope these photos will cheer her up, by the way there will be my birthday soon and I’m not expecting any presents)) Ha-ha. However I’m gonna go to my favorite restaurant “Jamie’s” and I … Continue reading My dear friend

Glee club

Ahaha! I’ve finished watching “Glee” Such a relieve! Frankly, last season was awful, I’m not sure if it’ll continue.. By the way the great part is there are good song and performing in a really amazing way. One person said me, that first 3 seasons are the best, I’d agree, but it seems to me that only 2 last seasons aren’t good. Now I know a lot of terrific songs) this was the point to watching.

Rachel Berry – sounds amazing!

Снимок экрана 2015-06-23 в 3.36.31

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Some weekly photos

 In the studio in Saint-Petersburg, I was taking pictures with pregnant woman 🙂 The way to that studio. Pretty old and alone. Simply elegant woman. New shelf! There was so freezing day but beautiful. I was at an art exhibition. Russian art So funny big boy-coat)) Some inspiration. OMG! Here is in Children’s store. Kind of funny. In my childhood there wasn’t dolls with this kind of … Continue reading Some weekly photos